Zoning and Land Use Chairmen’s Message (July 2008)

July 2008 In The Zone

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This issue of In the Zone is full of interesting and informative articles about zoning and land use issues in the Mid-Atlantic region. We’ve covered homeownership in a planned community, as well as recent cases such as Tennyson v. Zoning Hearing Board of West Bradford Township, which held that restrictive covenants contained in contracts between property owners, or between a municipality and a property owner, have no bearing on zoning applications.

In addition, it seems that everyone is “going green” these days –and the southeast Pennsylvania area is no exception. Our Environmental Corner covers the basics of the new efforts to increase green building in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. And don’t miss our review of proposed legislation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

As always, if you have any questions about the content of this newsletter, give the author a call or contact any member of the Zoning & Land Use Practice. We always look forward to hearing from our friends.