Minding Your Manners Can Keep Malpractice Suits at Bay

September 17, 2015 – In The News

Rachelle M. Bin was featured in the Law360 article “Minding Your Manners Can Keep Malpractice Suits at Bay.” Full text can be found in the September 17, 2015 issue, but a synopsis is below.

Rachelle M. Bin recently spoke at the fall American Bar Association National Legal Malpractice Conference. According to Bin, malpractice suits have an increasing rate in joint representation cases, which creates the need for extra attention and stronger conflict waivers.

“Any time you are asked to represent two or more clients in any matter, even if they’re the best of friends, your antennae should be going up, and you should be thinking, 'I need a conflict of interest waiver,'” says Bin.

Bin continues by mentioning the importance of clearly communicating if parties are being represented or not. "Once you've said you don't represent someone, don't give them any advice," she said. "Resist the urge."