Growing concern over climate change and energy dependence has sparked a revolution in the way companies engage in business practices related to energy and natural resources. Consumers are trending toward companies that embark upon technological innovations that create efficient, sustainable and responsible uses of energy and natural resources.

Fox attorneys help companies seize these opportunities. We assist established companies seeking to create initiatives that will lead them to be tomorrow’s energy and resources leaders and work with emerging companies creating the technology that helps implement the shift to energy efficiency and the responsible use of natural resources. We also represent the firms and investors critical to bringing such innovations to market.

We are skilled in helping clients navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape governing energy, environmental and resources law and policy. We know how to work, negotiate and litigate with government agencies such as federal and state environmental protection agencies, state oil and gas commissions, federal and Indian regulatory agencies, and public utilities and commissions.

We provide assistance in connection with:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sustainable energy facilities, such as solar, wind and geothermal
  • LEED certification, GreenPoint rating, CalGreen compliance (including optional tiers)