Charitable Trust Administration: How to Avoid Surcharge

May 21, 2008
11th Annual Fiduciary Education Foundation Continuing Education Seminar
Harrisburg HiltonHarrisburg, PA

Richard S. Caputo of Fox to Speak at Estate Planning Seminar, May 21, 2008

Richard S. Caputo, a partner with Fox Rothschild LLP will serve as a faculty member at three seminars in May.

Caputo will present “Charitable Trust Administration: How to Avoid Surcharge” at the 11th Annual Fiduciary Education Foundation Continuing Education Seminar. The seminar will be held on May 21 at the Harrisburg Hilton.

Caputo is highly experienced in trust administration, Orphans’ Court litigation, and tax-exempt organizations. He assists corporate fiduciaries in obtaining tax-exempt status for the charitable trusts they administer; represents corporate fiduciaries in various Orphans’ Court proceedings, such as cy pres proceedings, court accountings, and trust reformations; forms public charities, private foundations, supporting organizations, and other tax-exempt organizations; and addresses tax-exempt compliance issues such as intermediate sanctions, self-dealing, excess business holdings, qualifying distributions, and taxable expenditure responsibility.

An active speaker, Caputo frequently gives presentations on a variety of tax-exempt organization topics. In addition to the seminars he will be presenting in May, Caputo has spoken on “The ABC’s of Nonprofits;” “New Developments Affecting Public Charities, Private Foundations, and Supporting Organizations;” “Advanced Private Foundation Issues;” “Code Section 4958 Intermediate Sanctions;” and “Is Your Charity Leaving Money on the Table?”

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