Drunk Driver’s Crash Gives Rise to Big Firm’s New Garden State Base

September 24, 2015 – In The News
The American Lawyer

Mark L. Silow, Deirdre E. Moore and Robert A. Klausner were featured in The American Lawyer article, “Drunk Driver's Crash Gives Rise to Big Firm's New Garden State Base.” While full text can be found in the September 24, 2015, issue of The American Lawyer, a synopsis is noted below.

After a recent car accident damaged one of Fox Rothschild LLP’s New Jersey offices and the lease reaching its end at another, the practice has decided to combine its Roseland and Morristown locations into one. Fox has chosen Morristown as the new location for the combined offices and Robert A. Klausner agrees with the decision.

Klausner stated, “If we’re going to grow and make our presence more prominent in northern New Jersey, what better place than Morristown?”

The upcoming move will initially bring 50 lawyers to the new location which has been leased to Fox Rothschild LLP for the next 15 years. Klausner believes that the new office in Morristown will attracted new hires due to its location and help bring business to existing members of the practice.

According to Klausner, “Most lawyers are not businessmen. If you’re in town, it forces you to get out and market yourself.”

This news was also featured in the New Jersey Law Journal article, "On the Move."