Life After Love Gone Wrong Podcast Series

Family law issues are never easy and rarely black and white.

Partner Sandra Fava hosts this family law podcast series that discusses the tough decisions people encounter as they contemplate and go through a divorce.

Over the course of the eight episodes, Sandra and guests provide insight to help listeners prepare for the legal hurdles inherent in divorce, custody, prenuptial agreements and more.

Episode 1: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Sandra delves into the key issues to consider when deciding whether to file for divorce. 
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Episode 2: Meet Me Halfway
What do the words mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce actually mean? Are any of these avenues right for you? Sandra breaks down these legal buzz words.
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Episode 3: Mo Money Mo Problems
Hear from forensic accountant Daniel Roche of Marcum LLP, a national accounting firm, in this podcast about handling finances in a divorce.
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Episode 4: Sweet Child of Mine
For parents going through a divorce, custody disputes can be one of the most heart-wrenching experiences they will ever face. In this episode, Sandra tackles what happens when parents cannot reach an agreement.
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Episode 5: Step by Step
Often overlooked, but critically important, the stepparent/stepchild relationship shapes many blended families. Sandra will talk with one stepparent about how working collaboratively can benefit everyone. 
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Episode 6: Love Is a Battlefield
When it comes to awkward conversations, raising the idea of a prenuptial agreement ranks near the top. Sandra discusses how to determine if you need a prenup, how to design one and how a prenup can affect a divorce. 
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Episode 7: Say My Name
Are you thinking about changing your name after a divorce? Sandra tackles the steps to do that.
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Episode 8: It’s All About the Benjamins
Financial adviser Felicia Garland joins Sandra in this episode to discuss the benefits of hiring an investment planning professional during a divorce proceeding.
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To ask Sandra a question, provide feedback or suggest a topic for a future episode, please email [email protected].