Chambers Recognizes 84 Fox Attorneys

March 11, 2020 – Press Releases

Fox Rothschild LLP is pleased to announce that 84 firm attorneys were ranked in the 2020 Chambers USA guide, including one attorney who was also recognized in the Chambers Global guide and four in the Chambers' High Net Worth guide.

The firm was highlighted in the following practice areas:

  • Bankruptcy & Restructuring (Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Washington)
  • Cannabis Law (Nationwide)
  • Corporate/M&A (Minnesota, Eastern Pennsylvania, Eastern North Carolina, South Carolina)
  • Environment (New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania)
  • Gaming & Licensing (Nationwide)
  • Health Care (New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania)
  • Immigration (New Jersey)
  • Intellectual Property (North Carolina)
  • Labor & Employment (New Jersey, North Carolina)
  • Litigation: General Commercial (Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Eastern Pennsylvania, South Carolina)
  • Real Estate (Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina)
  • Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use (North Carolina)

The following attorneys were ranked in their respective practice areas:


  • Jonathan Heyl (NC)

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

  • Bruce J. Borrus (WA)
  • Mark E. Hall (NJ)
  • Jason C. Manfrey (PA)
  • Michael Menkowitz (PA)
  • Jeffrey M. Schlerf (DE)
  • Joseph E. Shickich Jr. (WA)
  • Catherine E. Youngman (NJ)

Cannabis Law

  • Joshua Ashby (Nationwide)
  • William Bogot (Nationwide)
  • Joshua Horn (Nationwide)
  • Matthew R. Kittay (Nationwide)


  • Sarah B. Biser (NY)
  • Dirk D. Haire (D.C.)
  • Neale T. Johnson (NC)
  • Reginald M. Jones (D.C.)


  • E. Kent Auberry (NC)
  • Bruce A. Machmeier (MN)
  • Tim J. Scallen (MN)
  • Frank C. Williams III (SC)

Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

  • Michael S. Harrington (PA)
  • Terrence M. Kerwin (PA)
  • Jeffrey H. Nicholas (PA)


  • Joel Bolstein (PA)
  • Stephen W. Earp (NC)
  • Harry E. Grant (WA)
  • Phillip L. Hinerman (PA)
  • Kenneth H. Mack (NJ)
  • Jeffrey M. Pollock (NJ)
  • Christopher M. Roe (PA)


  • Craig R. Tractenberg (Nationwide)

Gaming & Licensing

  • Nicholas Casiello, Jr. (Nationwide, Global)
  • Marie J. Jones (Nationwide)
  • Donna B. More (Nationwide)

Health Care

  • Margaret J. Davino (NY)
  • Terrill Johnson Harris (NC)
  • Elizabeth G. Litten (NJ)
  • William H. Maruca (PA)
  • Maureen Demarest Murray (NC)
  • Barbara A. Shickich (WA)
  • David S. Sokolow (NJ, PA)
  • Tobin N. Watt (GA)


  • Alka Bahal (NJ)
  • Laura Deddish Burton (NC)


  • Jeffrey Pollock (NJ)

Intellectual Property

  • Bruce T. Goto (WA)
  • Gregory A. Nelson (FL)
  • James M. Singer (PA)

Labor & Employment

  • Heather R. Boshak (NJ)
  • Julianna Theall Earp (NC)
  • Stanley L. Goodman (NJ)
  • Robert M. Howie (WA)
  • Ian D. Meklinsky (NJ)
  • George J. Oliver (NC)
  • Stephen A. Ploscowe (NJ)
  • Barnett Satinsky (PA)

Litigation: General Commercial

  • Jeffrey J. Bouslog (MN)
  • Abraham C. Reich (PA)
  • Stephanie Resnick (PA)
  • Scott L. Vernick (PA)

Media & Entertainment: Litigation

  • David Aronoff (CA)

Media & Entertainment: Transactional – Mainly Talent

  • Darrell D. Miller (CA)

Real Estate

  • Lloyd G. Kepple (MN)
  • Robert A. Klausner (NJ)
  • Michele Fuller Lyerly (SC)
  • Deirdre E. Moore (NJ)
  • Mark L. Morris (PA)
  • Christopher M. Rider (NJ)

Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use

  • Jesse Masyr (NY)
  • Charles E. Melvin Jr. (NC)
  • Jack Plackter (NJ)
  • Thomas E. Terrell Jr. (NC)


  • Jerald David August (PA)

Transportation: Aviation – Litigation

  • Diane Westwood Wilson (Nationwide)

The following attorneys were ranked in Chambers' High Net Worth guide for Private Wealth Law:

  • Michael D. Carrico (WA)
  • John D. Dadakis (NY, Eastern Region USA)
  • William L. Dennis (SC)
  • J. Tod Hyche (SC)

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