Data Security and Privacy Law

2011 Data Security and Privacy Law, 2011 ed. (West/Thomson Reuters)

This edition of Data Security and Privacy Law is an update of Data Security and Privacy Law: Combating Cyberthreats.

The explosive growth of the Internet has raised worldwide concerns about data security and privacy, which are threatened by hacking, malware and other forms of cyberthreats. These risks underscore a fundamental paradox of networks: networks become more valuable as access and usage increase, but greater access significantly increases exposure to intrusion. Despite advances in computer security over the decades, no network can be entirely free from infiltration.

A variety of technology-oriented laws, rules, regulations and directives have been enacted around the world. Consequently, litigation matters, criminal prosecutions and enforcement actions have ensued. In the United States alone, hundreds of federal and state laws, rules and regulations have been enacted, which–when combined with improving technology and with traditional security and privacy laws–may provide powerful weapons against such threats.