The topic of sexual harassment continues to dominate the news and an increasing number of states and cities are mandating that employers take proactive steps to prevent harassment in the workplace.

It's time to make sure that your company's sexual and workplace harassment prevention training is up to the task.

Fox Rothschild’s Labor & Employment group includes more than 40 attorneys with experience in conducting on-site sexual and workplace harassment prevention training.

Our trainings are tailored to fit the needs of your workplace, your industry, and the specific people you need to reach, including HR professionals, management-level and rank-and-file workers. Skilled attorneys are essential to effective training for managerial staff. We can answer questions accurately and back up our information with real-life examples from our cases.

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • A group setting and an interactive approach is ideal for achieving the goal of a harassment-free workplace.
  • We use examples and realistic stories that will resonate with your staff.
  • Engaging and interactive sessions are more fun, more memorable, and make a lasting impression on your staff.

Our skilled trainers are experienced in covering a wide range of topics, including conduct that is: physical, verbal, or psychological; power-based; bullying; online, via email, text, images or videos; retaliation; and third-party harassment.

Workplace harassment isn’t limited to sexual harassment. It can include making negative comments about religion, age, disability, and race. Additionally, employees can cross the line when touching inappropriately, making gestures or jokes, or even wearing clothing that could be considered offensive. The harasser can be a boss, a supervisor in another department, a co-worker or even a nonemployee, such as a vendor or salesperson.