​Sports Law Business and Legal Services for Athletes

For over 15 years, Fox Rothschild has provided services to athletes through the Fox Rothschild Sports Law Group. This Group caters to the special needs of athletes and has handled many matters for its sports clients, including advice for amateurs and their parents, contract negotiations, endorsements and marketing opportunities, right of publicity matters, real estate, zoning and land use representation, general litigation, corporate issues, domestic relations representation, immigration matters, and estate planning.

Clients of the Sports Law Group have the advantage of a full-service law firm providing support for the practice. With such support, a player can feel comfortable that any legal issues can be handled by people he or she knows and trusts. We do not need to refer out matters to other firms but can continue to be the point person for all of the player's legal needs.

In addition, we establish foundations through which the player can give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of those who are not as fortunate. Having the opportunity to help others through charitable endeavors provides great satisfaction to our clients, and we assist them in achieving that goal.

Whatever the athlete's field of dreams, we aim to provide appropriate representation.

Real Estate Related Services

At some point in time during the athlete's career, decisions are made with respect to the purchase and sale of a home. Many issues need to be considered in connection with those decisions. Those issues involve the provisions of the agreement of sale, the mortgage financing available, the amount of down payment, the status of title to the property, the condition of the property, and many others.

In addition, most athletes are approached during their career with the possibility of investing in real estate separate and apart from their home. Those transactions need to be analyzed carefully to be sure that the athlete's interest and money are protected. Particularly with business properties, zoning and land use issues come into play. Our attorneys in zoning and land use matters are available to guide you through this process.

Athletes routinely come into contact with leases, whether it is a lease for their property during spring training, a lease for their home during the season, or leases with tenants on commercial properties owned by the player or his business.

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Litigation Services

Unfortunately, situations may arise during an athlete's career when he or she is either sued or needs to file suit as a result of a dispute with a third party. Those matters include both civil disputes and criminal representation. Our Sports Law Group has the full resources of Fox Rothschild available, including experienced litigators familiar with all the types of litigation that may confront the athlete.

Those disputes do not necessarily involve issues with the athlete's playing career, but may, unfortunately, be the price of doing business. Whether it is a dispute with a landlord, a demand for return of a real estate deposit, a claim against an unscrupulous financial advisor, or an automobile accident, we can handle all of the athlete's litigation needs in house.

Our established Public Relations department handles crisis litigation related public relations issues when needed or necessary.

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Corporate Services

As the athlete becomes involved in business relationships, corporate services become necessary. Decisions need to be made on the appropriate form in which to transact business.

Once an appropriate decision has been made, the entity needs to be formed and appropriate corporate records need to be created. Fox Rothschild has the ability to form businesses anywhere in the country and does so on a regular basis.

In addition to forming the business entities, advice and counsel in all aspects of business is provided. Shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, and operating agreements are just a few examples of the many agreements negotiated and drafted by our corporate attorneys every day.

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Family Law Services

The dissolution of a marriage is rarely pleasant, but for a professional athlete it can become a very public nightmare. With a sensitivity learned from years of experience working with professional athletes, our family law attorneys handle the special circumstances related to divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, and other related issues for professional players. We are also adept at structuring effective prenuptial agreements and work to protect the financial security of athletes. In conjunction with our public relations department, we know how to minimize or avoid the associated publicity and shield athletes and their families from the media to avoid embarrassment and maintain confidentiality.

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Immigration Law Services

Talented athletes are born, live, and play all over the world. If they live or play outside of their native countries, however, they may need the assistance of an immigration attorney experienced in handling the many different issues that may arise - from winter league and other contracts to family (and often extended family) matters.

Our immigration attorneys handle a wide array of issues, both within the United States and outside of this country, including visa and greencard acquisition, labor certifications, naturalizations, special handling cases, and family cases. As members of the American Immigration Law Association, we closely and continuously monitor changes in legislation that may affect the immigration status of athletes.

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Estate and Tax Planning

For the days after the game is over, both estate and tax planning should be undertaken for all athletes in order to provide for an orderly administration of an estate, and to save substantial taxes which could become a hardship on survivors if proper planning is not done. An athlete must think early on in his or her career about appropriate estate planning.

We prepare wills for our clients ranging from simple wills to complicated wills. All aspects of the estate plan are analyzed and discussed with the athlete. Once completed, the athlete can have peace of mind knowing that in the event of an unforeseen tragedy, his family is provided for.

Athletes who become financially secure often look to take care of other members of their family financially. Occasions also routinely arise where the player needs the preparation of a power of attorney for purposes of transacting a particular real estate or business transaction. Our attorneys can establish trusts, powers, and other devices to accommodate the desires of the players and the need for protection of family members.

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