Startup Package

You’re ready to launch your business, but how can you do it in the most cost-effective way? At Fox, we understand that startup companies need sound, basic legal guidance to help them position themselves for success. That’s why we offer a flat-rate, discounted package of legal services to do just that. 

Our Emerging Company Startup Package is intended to help you build a solid foundation for your new venture before you start fundraising. It provides the base documents and forms a startup typically needs – including formation of the company if necessary – for a flat rate of $5,000. All we need is a $1,000 retainer to get started. 

The documents comprising the Startup Package include:

  • Filing of Certificate of Incorporation (corporation) or Certificate of Formation (LLC) 
  • Minute book including Bylaws (corporation) and initial board resolutions and issuance of stock/membership interests to founders 
  • Restrictive Covenant Agreement for founders/employees (assignment of IP, confidentiality, non-solicit and non-compete)
  • Form Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement for use with a variety of business relationships
  • Incentive Equity Plan (grants of options and restricted stock/units for employees or directors, officers and consultants) and related grant documents 
  • Basic founder Shareholder Agreement (corporation) or Founder Operating Agreement (LLC) (right of first refusal, drag-along rights, confidentiality)

Any documentation outside of the list above will be billed separately, including negotiation of the documents or any fees paid to third parties (filing fees, etc).

And, of course, your Fox Rothschild attorney will be available for consultation and advice relating to the matters connected with the formation of your company.