The Fox Difference

Fox Rothschild attorneys aren’t just litigators, they are battle-hardened trial lawyers. Many are former federal prosecutors or regulators, possessing key insight into law enforcement and government agencies’ methods and practices. They’ve prosecuted everything from environmental crimes to organized crime, and they use that knowledge to their clients’ advantage. Others have spent decades in private practice defending major corporations and prominent individuals, invaluable experience that gives them a detailed understanding of clients' needs.  

With technology playing a growing role in investigations of all types, our team stays at the forefront of new developments in the law, employing advanced strategies such as digital forensics to protect their clients’ interests, often breaking new legal ground in the process.

Criminal prosecutions can often produce civil and administrative cases, and vice versa. As a national firm with a deep bench of attorneys, we have the resources and experience to handle parallel proceedings. Our attorneys approach every case as if it could develop a civil or regulatory aspect.

We’re versatile. With attorneys in more than 60 practice areas, Fox attorneys can call on colleagues with detailed knowledge of a multiplicity of subjects, industries and areas of the law such as Trusts and Estates, Privacy & Data Security, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property and Securities.

And we’re well-resourced. If a law enforcement agency hits a client with a sweeping subpoena requiring the review of hundreds of thousands of records, we have the litigation support attorneys and information technology resources to respond in a timely, efficient manner without having to find outside contractors.

Fox E-Discovery Services