National Emergency Team

As part of the array of transportation services provided to firm clients, a national, after-hours emergency team is standing by to service urgent needs following a catastrophic accident. The team has handled numerous nighttime and weekend emergencies for our clients. Members of the national emergency team take responsibility for preserving physical and electronic evidence, taking driver and witness statements, making arrangements for cargo salvage and managing relations with law enforcement.

Elizabeth Googe Brunette 
direct: 404.962.1017
cell: 865.567.1988
[email protected]

Erik Albright
direct: 336.378.5368
home: 336.855.9938
cell: 336.253.8956
[email protected]

Marc Tucker

direct: 919.755.8713
home: 919.846.2828
cell: 919.607.6313
[email protected]