COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 white collar investigationsThe attorneys of our White-Collar Criminal Defense & Regulatory Compliance Practice Group defend individuals, and companies of all sizes, against allegations of price gouging, fraud or misrepresentation related to their receipt and use of federal COVID-19 assistance, and assist clients with a broad array of pandemic-related investigations and regulatory compliance challenges. We're also experienced in representing nonviolent inmates seeking compassionate release for health reasons related to the outbreak.

Our team is backed by the knowledge and resources of a 950-lawyer national law firm with offices coast-to-coast. Business leaders confronting government inquiries benefit by working with experienced attorneys who have handled nearly every imaginable type of white-collar investigation.

COVID-19 Relief Program Fraud

The federal government is injecting trillions of dollars in COVID-19 aid funding in the form of loans and grants into the economy and has followed that with an active effort to ferret out fraud and abuse. Crises of this magnitude create opportunities for even the slightest deviation from ordinary practices to be viewed as unlawful by authorities watching from afar. Our attorneys help businesses that have received Paycheck Protection Program loans and other government assistance avoid compliance missteps and defend clients facing allegations of malfeasance. 

PPP Fraud Prosecution Tracker

Alert: Early Cases Demonstrate the Justice Department’s Commitment to Aggressively Prosecute PPP Loan Fraud

Alert: COVID-19 Stimulus: Small Business in the Investigative Crosshairs

Alert: Protecting Your Organization Against Paycheck Protection Program Qui Tam Actions

Price Gouging

Companies engaged the sale of products or services related to the COVID-19 pandemic face a patchwork of highly divergent state laws addressing price gouging during the pandemic. Through early enforcement actions, federal authorities have signaled that they also are on heightened alert for scams seeking to take unfair advantage of pandemic panic. Our attorneys help businesses avoid violating price gouging laws, and defend companies accused of price gouging by state or federal law enforcement agencies and regulators. 

National Price Gouging Laws Survey 

Alert: Caution: NJ Deputy Attorneys General Are Looking to Expand Price Gouging Laws

Alert: Federal Prosecutors Are Focused on Criminal Price Gouging

Alert: DOJ and FDA Are Closely Monitoring the Marketing of COVID-19-Related Products

Alert: Price Gouging Laws Triggered by States of Emergency Pose Risks for National and Local Retailers 

Alert: New Jersey Is Actively Enforcing the Price Gouging Law During COVID-19 Emergency

Securities Compliance and Other COVID-19 Related Risks

The SEC has issued guidance regarding securities law obligations that companies should consider with respect to COVID-19 and related business and market disruptions. In addition, businesses face compliance risks in a variety of other areas related to the pandemic including data security and worker safety.

Alert: Insider Trading: Blurred Lines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alert: SEC Sues Finance Firm for False Press Claims About COVID-19

Alert: New Jersey Gives Sweeping Civil and Criminal Immunity to Front Line Health Care Providers Battling COVID-19

Alert: NJ Attorney General Launches Probe of Nursing Homes, Residential Care Facilities

COVID-19 Compassionate Release

Our COVID-19 Compassionate Release Task Force assists nonviolent offenders in jails and prisons across the U.S. who are at an increased risk from the disease, with requests for compassionate release, bail, early parole and medical furloughs. The team has successfully navigated the early release of multiple incarcerated individuals in New Jersey.

Our team works with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and local affiliates throughout the country to ensure that we have our finger on the pulse of developments at the state and federal level.

For assistance with a compassionate release matter, please contact Matt AdamsMatt Lee or Marissa Kingman.

For more information on a broad range of legal issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our Coronavirus Resource Center.