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August 26, 2015Newsletters

The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) held its monthly meeting on Tuesday. Below is a summary of both the Riverboat and Video Gaming Meetings.

Riverboat Meeting

The Chairman discussed the recent 5th District Appellate Court decision in a case involving a use agreement contract dispute between Accel and J&J. The court dismissed the case finding that it did not have jurisdiction over this matter as the statute vested the IGB with authority to resolve contract disputes. The Chairman then referenced the conflicts with the decision of the 3rd District Appellate Court in Triple 7. The Chairman opined that the IGB was currently uncertain if contract disputes fall under their jurisdiction adding that they are understaffed and currently have “a wait and see attitude,” as he believe the Illinois Supreme Court will ultimately hear and decide this issue.

The Chairman continued his remarks saying that the IGB appreciates the correspondence they receive regarding gaming malls and a variety of other topics. He reminded the public that the Board packet is distributed approximately a week ahead of the meeting, so submissions for agenda consideration need to be submitted seven to 10 days prior to the scheduled IGB meeting.

The Administrator reported that a General Manager phone conference will be scheduled in the near future.

The following individuals were approved as Level 1 Owner Licensees: Peter Longi, Vice President Casino Operations for Hollywood Casino Joliet; Rachel Bartolini, Vice President/Finance and Administration for Des Plaines Development Limited Partnership d/b/a Harrah’s Joliet Casino; Brian Anthony Garvey, IT Operations Manager for Alton Gaming Company d/b/a Argosy Alton.

Consideration for Edward B. Hansberry as a Key Person for Jumer’s Casino and Hotel was tabled due to outstanding documentation that needed to be submitted.

Multimedia Games was approved as a Key Person for Supplier Global Cash Access Inc.

A total of 182 Occupational Licenses were approved: 61 Level 2 licenses and 121 Level 3 licenses being issued.

The IGB denied the hearing request of Kevin Johnson.

The IGB issued two disciplinary complaints. Gaming Partner International USA Corp. was fined $5,000 for allegedly not supplying its annual update in a timely manner. Midwest Gaming & Entertainment LLC was fined $2 million and suspended from issuing any promotions for 60 days for several alleged missteps in the execution of promotions and violating promotion procedures and its alleged failure to comply with its internal controls regarding contract bids. In addition, the Board also suspended the Level 1 license of Michael St. Pierre for 60 days and the Level 3 license of David Brockdone for 30 days.

Video Gaming Meeting

The Administrator reported that there are 5,034 locations that are operational with a total of 21,079 VGTS.

There were three speakers during the public commentary portion of the meeting. David Israel and Kevin Casey on behalf of the Village of Hometown spoke in support of being allowed to have multiple video gaming locations (all with different owners) at a mall in Hometown, IL, and requested that the pending applications be approved. Tiffany Elking (on behalf of the Illinois Retail Gaming Operations) spoke against VGTs in malls. Chairman Tracy stated that although the issue is not currently being discussed, he is inclined to oppose malls. Bob Willenborg of J&J Ventures responded to allegations made at last month’s meeting and stated that the IGB should prohibit unsubstantiated public comment against licensees. He also spoke in favor of electronic player reward systems.

American Vending Sales, Inc. and H. Betti Industries, Inc. had their Distributor License renewals approved.

The Distributor and Manufacturer License renewals for Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. and Konami Gaming, Inc. were approved.

Bally Gaming, Inc.’s Manufacturer, Supplier, and Distributor License renewal was approved.

JCM American Corporation had its Supplier License approved.

The following three Terminal Operator Licensee renewals were approved: Donico Gaming, LLC; G.F.M. Gaming, LLC; and G3 Gaming, LLC.

The Board approved five handler licenses and 52 technician licenses.

The Board approved 97 location licenses and denied the following 13 location licenses:

  • Springfield Pub, Inc. d/b/a The Dublin Pub
  • Cathy Rea McQueen d/b/a 2nd Time Around
  • Consumer Friendly Trading Inc. d/b/a The Burg's Bar & Grill
  • Consumer Friendly Trading Inc. d/b/a The Pub
  • She and I d/b/a She and I
  • JRW Electrical Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Bottoms Up on 7th
  • Rich and Don's Hair Flair, Inc. d/b/a The Body Shop
  • Deuce Bar, Inc. d/b/a Deuce
  • Alley-Bi Saloon, Inc. d/b/a Alley-Bi Saloon
  • Jones Plaza, LLC d/b/a Jones Plaza
  • Yogibapa LLC d/b/a Han-Dee Mart
  • VINCER ENTERPRISES INC. d/b/a Vince's The Pizza People

The IGB denied the hearing request of Joseph Voltman. The board denied the request to reapply for Neutral Zone.

The IGB issued disciplinary complaints to the following locations: E.A. Dennis, Inc. was fined $2,500 for failure to allegedly maintain liquor license; Ahrvt3 Inc. was fined $2,500 for failure to allegedly maintain liquor license; Genoa Veterans was fined $1,000 for failure to allegedly maintain a liquor license for a shorter period of time; Downtown Lounge, Inc. was fined $1,000 for failure to allegedly maintain a liquor license for a shorter period of time; Koke’s Tavern, Inc. was fined $1,000 for failure to allegedly maintain a liquor license for a shorter period of time; Effingham Knights of Columbus was fined $1,000 for allegedly failing to disclose information related to officer changes; and Sit-N Bull 2, Inc. - revocation of license for failure to allegedly disclose ownership changes and an owner’s criminal convictions.

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Donna B. More
Partner, Fox Rothschild
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Bill Bogot
Partner, Fox Rothschild
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