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July 23, 2015Newsletters

The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) held its monthly meeting today. Below is a summary of both the Riverboat and Video Gaming meetings.

Riverboat Meeting

The Chairman announced that Doug Bybee, deputy administrator – financial, and Tim Ruckert, a supervisor in investigations, are retiring from the IGB. The Chairman thanked them for their service.

Rock Island Boatworks had its owner’s license renewed. Penn Gaming had an amendment to its credit facility approved.

Aristocrat Technologies had its supplier’s license renewed for four years. And, Matt Brown was approved as a Key Person of Happ Controls, Inc.

Video Gaming Meeting

The Administrator reported that there are 4974 locations that are operational with a total of 20,789 VGTs. The Administrator also reiterated that illegal gambling at licensed locations will not be tolerated and the IGB will issue disciplinary complaints (which may include revocation) for such conduct.

There were five speakers during the public commentary portion of the meeting. Andrea Kirchner is a location owner who asked the IGB to reconsider licensing her location as it meets the requirements of the statute. Kenny Tolbert of SMP Communications spoke about the player tracking system his company would like to distribute. He told the IGB that the system has the technology to identify and prevent self-excluded patrons from gambling. Anita Bedell spoke against player tracking, certain marketing campaigns and against the “gaming mall” concept. Kathy Gilroy spoke against VGTs in children’s arcade type locations and said that there were illegal games in a location called Safari Land. Finally, Melynda Litchfied spoke out against an operator who she claimed was posting jackpots of $7,000 and $10,000 on its Facebook page and asked the IGB to investigate.

CountR GmbH had its initial supplier license approved. The following companies had their supplier and/or distributor license approved: Curo Group; Happ Controls; M3 Technology; and NRT Technology.

The following Terminal Operators had their licenses renewed: AP Gaming; Hyperactive Gaming; Il Gaming & Coin-Op; IL Gold Rush; and Universal Gaming Group. DSG Amusement was tabled as it failed to provide requested information to the IGB. Fox Gaming was denied an initial operator’s license.

The Board approved 67 handler licenses, one technician license and it denied five licenses.

The Board approved 124 locations. It rescinded the denials of Vonch and Pure Night Club and put them back to pending status.

The IGB denied the hearing request of Mexican Women Gaming (a location). The board granted requests to reapply for American Legion Post 764 and FOE #507.

The IGB rescinded the disciplinary complaints from the following entities based on the submission of additional information: Chicago Gaming; IL Gaming Investors; Tangent; Tap Room; GEM; Metro East; and Schaffner Gaming.

The IGB issued the following disciplinary complaints to Terminal Operators: Hyperactive Gaming for allegedly failing to disassociate with Mr. Plotkin – fine of $400,000; GEM for allegedly failing to notify the IGB of the relocation of certain VGTs – fine of $10,000; and Gold Rush for allegedly failing to notify the IGB of the relocation of certain VGTs and failure to disassociate – fine of $105,000.

The IGB issued disciplinary complaints to the following locations: The Loft for failure to maintain its liquor license – fine of $2,500; Shenanigans for illegal gambling – fine of $1,000; Big Daddy’s Disco for failure to update ownership information – fine of $1,000; Aj’s Bar for allowing illegal gambling to occur – fine of $1,000 fine; and Rockford Hospitality had its license revoked due to the owner’s felony conviction. Six handlers were issued complaints and had their license revoked for allegedly engaging in conduct that reflected badly on the industry and three handlers were issued complaints and fined $500 each for allegedly failing to update arrest information with the IGB.

Finally, the IGB delegated authority to the Administrator to settle the LZ complaint with a proposed fine of $200,000.

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Bill Bogot
Partner, Fox Rothschild
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