Labor & Employment

Workplace Safety & Health

Ensuring compliance with the multitude of state and federal laws regulating employee health and safety standards in the workplace requires specific knowledge and a keen understanding of the relevant industries and of the federal and state agencies responsible for workplace rulemaking and enforcement.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, OSHA is authorized to conduct workplace inspections and investigations to determine whether employers are compliant with its agency standards.

Fox Rothschild’s national team of labor and employment attorneys has extensive experience helping employers navigate the complex web of statutes and standards set forth by OSHA. We regularly provide clients – including those in such industries as manufacturing, warehousing, construction, health care and hospitality, among others – with advice and guidance on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Representation during safety and health inspections, as well as in emergency situations
  • Contesting health and safety citations before OSHA and local departments of health
  • Conducting compliance audits and safety training programs
  • Handling whistleblower and retaliation claims under both federal and state laws
  • Advising and evaluating OSHA compliance in corporate acquisitions and foreclosures

We have defended employers against citations arising out of such incidents as:

  • Fatality from employee entry into a confined space and subsequent incineration
  • Fatality from employee fall into a vat of liquefied food product
  • Fatality from employee drawn into a mixing mill
  • Fatality from employee severed in a bailer
  • Noise regulation violations
  • Lock-out/tag-out regulation violations
  • Equipment guarding regulation violations
  • Fall protection and personal protection equipment regulations violations
  • Alleged failure to provide employee safety training