We deliver swift and effective service as a project evolves – from pre-acquisition to disposition and all phases in between. We have extensive experience in:

Zoning and Land Use Related Permits and Approvals

  • Subdivision approvals for new residential housing developments
  • Redevelopment projects including redevelopment agreements and financial incentives
  • Land development approvals for new office, industrial and commercial developments and for the renovation and expansion of existing projects
  • Rezonings and zone amendments
  • Conditional use permits and approvals, variances, special exceptions and certificates
  • Highway-related permits from local and state agencies
  • Environmental permits, approvals, clearances and releases from environmental liability from local and state agencies
  • Military base reuse
  • General Plan amendments and Specific Plans
  • Compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Compliance with affordable housing regulations
  • Compliance with aesthetic and design review regulations
  • Negotiating and documenting vested rights to pursue a real estate development
  • Negotiation of exactions, dedications and development impact fees
  • Compliance with government open meeting and public records laws during the development process

Real Estate Development

  • Land use due diligence and site feasibility analysis
  • Structuring public private partnerships between developers and cities, counties and other governmental agencies
  • Agreements for the acquisition and sale of all types of real estate
  • Real estate tax assessment appeals
  • Condemnation/eminent domain claims
  • Condominium and planned community documentation
  • Loan documentation
  • Miscellaneous site development documentation, including easements, restrictive covenants, cross-easements, declarations and municipal development/escrow agreements
  • Leasing documentation, including the leasing of public trust lands and port district property
  • Preparation of land use initiatives and referenda for public vote
  • Partnership and limited liability company agreements

Litigation Proceedings Related to the Zoning and Land Use Process

  • Land use appeals and mandamus actions in the local courts
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) litigation
  • Appeals to the appellate courts
  • Federal 1983, equal protection and due process claims
  • Injunctions
  • Disputes under agreements of sale
  • Disputes between property owners
  • Code enforcement

Environmental-Related Services

  • Environmental aspects development projects
  • Regulation of discharge of hazardous materials into the environment (air/water/soil)
  • Sustainability and climate change regulation
  • All compliance and related aspects of siting and redeveloping properties, including:
    • Brownfields development
    • Wetlands
    • Stormwater
    • Above- or below-ground tankage
    • Endangered species and ecological concernsPreservation of historic structures under federal and state laws
    • Analysis of available water supplies for development
    • Geologic and seismic hazards
    • Greenhouse gas emissions
    • Sea level rise and development within flood plains
    • Sustainable energy facilities, such as solar, wind and geothermal
    • LEED certification, GreenPoint rating, CalGreen compliance (including optional tiers)
    • Biotechnology and medical facility impacts and hazards
    • Mitigating the impact of development on public services

Additionally, we work closely with our colleagues in the firm’s condemnation and eminent domain, construction law and litigation practice areas. We leverage the depth and breadth of our national network of attorneys to provide clients with excellent and cost-effective legal representation. It is one of the reasons our client retention is so high. Not surprisingly, our clients often refer their industry colleagues to us for their most important real estate development projects.