Franchising & Distribution

Franchising & Distribution

Franchise Startup Package

Fox's Franchise Startup Package includes a bundle of legal and other services critical to launch, all for one flat fee.

FORMATION of a new entity to operate the franchise line of business, including filing of certificate of formation/articles of organization, obtaining the EIN tax number and a complete minute book, including opening consents and a sole member operating agreement or bylaws (excluding third-party filing fees)

PREPARATION and drafting of essential documents
(including guidance and consultation with your attorney)

  • Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Form of General Release
  • Form of Personal Guaranty
  • Form of Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete
  • Required State Addendums
  • Form of Franchisee Disclosure Acknowledgment Statement
  • Receipt, EFT Authorization and other required attachments

TRADEMARK – Preparation and filing of one trademark application, and an inter-company license agreement covering intellectual property needed for the new franchise entity

REGULATORY GUIDANCE – A Best Practices Memorandum outlining procedures for complying with federal and state laws when offering and selling franchises

FILING of exemptions for the following states: Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, Texas and Utah (excluding third-party filing fees)

BACKGROUND CHECKS for up to five potential franchisees or business partners

ACCESS to conference facilities in Fox Rothschild’s 27 offices coast to coast

VIRTUAL DATA ROOM for your document and data management needs

RENEWAL – Flat fee for annual updating and state renewal registration for early-stage and emerging franchise systems

Discounts available for those who engage a franchise consultant