Labor & Employment

Labor Management Relations

Fox Rothschild’s national team of labor and employment attorneys has a well-earned reputation of providing comprehensive and strategic representation to employers in every aspect of the management of their workforces.

We are home to attorneys who have been recognized as among the premier management-side labor attorneys in the United States. Fox Rothschild lawyers are known as aggressive advocates on behalf of employers, but who are also respected by their union counterparts. We provide clients with innovative solutions to meet and exceed their needs while also offering cost-effective representation on a wide range of issues.

Our team of attorneys is a seasoned group possessing extensive industry knowledge and insight, with a deep passion for helping clients. We counsel multinational, national, regional and local private and public employers in a range of industries – including manufacturing, hospitality, higher education, health care, transportation and logistics – on how to maintain positive employee relations.

Our attorneys have served as chief negotiators in significant and high-profile labor relations disputes and have negotiated labor contracts with every major international union at company locations in more than 35 states. We have also served as special labor counsel at the request of state governors in connection with various projects and initiatives. Our team includes former National Labor Relations Board attorneys as well as lawyers who served as general counsel at Fortune 500 companies.

Union Avoidance

Our team is particularly adept at developing innovative strategies that enable employers to create and foster a work environment where employees have no reason to consider union representation. Should a union-organizing drive occur, we work side-by-side with management, providing customized, lawful and appropriate advice to help guide an employer through such campaigns.

Collective Bargaining

We recognize the critical importance of negotiating practical labor contracts that safeguard our clients’ operations while ensuring they maintain a competitive edge. We shepherd clients through the entire collective bargaining negotiation process, developing and driving strategic proposals that meet client goals, analyzing a union’s action plan throughout the duration of negotiations and helping the process end in a successful labor contract. Our attorneys have acted as chief spokesperson for employers in their collective bargaining with many major international labor unions.

Contract Administration

Once a labor contract is agreed upon by all sides, our attorneys remain vested in ensuring its success. We provide guidance to employers on administering the terms of the contract and when disputes related to the provisions arise, work to resolve those issues via mediation, arbitration or in court if circumstances warrant.

Labor Implications of Business Transactions

A purchase, sale, merger, reorganization or other corporate transaction of a company impacts its workforce. For entities with union-represented employees, it brings an additional array of legalities – as well as opportunities. We help employers (and potential parties to a sales transaction) manage risk and maximize options, ensuring compliance at every step throughout the process of these transactions. We aim to help advance a company's labor relations strategy by providing guidance on employment terms and contractual obligations.

Labor Crisis Management

From labor strikes to union picketing, questions about access to worksites or threatened boycotts of a company’s products or services, our labor attorneys have helped employers weather it all. We guide companies through various labor crises, seeking available remedies through the NLRB and courts that help ensure a company’s operations continue with minimal disruption.

Labor Litigation

Our lawyers have decades of experience aggressively advocating for our clients in labor litigation disputes. We handle local, state and federal lawsuits in courtrooms throughout the United States as well as arbitration hearings and administrative proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board and other agencies.