When your very future is at stake, Fox Rothschild’s White-Collar Criminal Defense & Regulatory Compliance Practice has your back. Sharp. Tenacious. Pragmatic. Whether you’re facing criminal charges, or need an experienced attorney to guide an internal investigation or design a regulatory compliance program, you can count on us when it’s all on the line.

The Fox Difference

Fox Rothschild attorneys aren’t just litigators, they are battle-hardened trial lawyers. Many are former federal prosecutors or regulators, possessing key insight into law enforcement and government agencies’ methods and practices. They’ve prosecuted everything from environmental crimes to organized crime, and they use that knowledge to their clients’ advantage. Others have spent decades in private practice defending major corporations and prominent individuals, invaluable experience that gives them a detailed understanding of clients' needs.

Criminal Defense

Fox Rothschild’s experienced criminal defense attorneys defend individuals, companies and executives facing local, state and federal criminal investigations. Fox attorneys are adept at finding tailored, cost-effective legal strategies that protect clients’ critical interests when their very future is on the line.

Regulatory Compliance

In today’s corporate business climate, self-policing is a necessity. Fox attorneys help clients audit and address compliance risks.

Internal Investigations

When companies face external scrutiny or suspect internal wrongdoing, Fox attorneys are experienced at conducting thorough, meticulous internal investigations.

Response to Government Demands

When state or federal authorities seek information as part of an investigation, your response to a search warrant or subpoena is critical. Whether their client is a target, subject or witness, Fox attorneys are adept at helping them comply with the letter of the law.

Crisis Management

Our attorneys help clients design and handle messaging, when needed, in the face of criminal charges or an investigation, including fielding media inquiries that often follow a search warrant or subpoena.